Intellectualize the working people, 1965

Statement of Purpose

  1. The collective exists to provide a forum for the study of systemic social problems.
  2. The collective exist to provide conscientious and critically minded students with a forum to connect with local activists, educators, and mentors.
  3. The collective exists to provide the future builders of the world, with a laboratory in which they can try out new modes of social organization that remove the parasitic despotisms of hierarchy and exploitation.
  4. The collective exists to provide a place for various ‘outsiders’ to build up the confidence and knowledge they need to protect their dignity in the job market.
  5. The collective exists to provide emergency assistance, support, and solidarity to members of underserved and/or oppressed groups.

Ongoing Programs

  1. Reading Circle: we are currently meeting bi-weekly and discussing Antonio Gramsci’s State and Civil Society
  2. Sapere Aude (Newsletter): we are constructing a quarterly newsletter outlining the collective’s progress, and providing a snapshot of the major issues of the day, as well special sections for reviews, poetry etc.
  3. Publishing Workshop: we are co-authoring pieces for publication in the critical outlets, helping older students increase output, while helping younger ones improve their writing.

Tentative Programs

  1. Student-Labor Dialogue Lecture Series: a series of lectures designed to foster closer dialogue between students and campus workers.
  2. Advisory Network Workshops Series: a series of workshops connecting students with supportive professors, local activists, mentors etc.
  3. Critical Film Nights: regular screenings of independent, informed, empowering films.
  4. Honest Career Center: up-front and honest advice for students who are worried about getting a job and keeping their dignity.
  5. YouTube Channel: channel covering the collective’s major events, and a visual version of the newsletter
  6. Comprehensive Reading Lists: set of thematically arranged reading lists on a variety of topics to facilitate the most important scholastic task of the university student – independent reading.
  7. Emergency Fund: lump sum of cash for assisting marginalized groups who cannot get the assistance they need from conventional channels